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1. High-quality products.
2. Competitive price.

3. Perfect after-sales service.
4. Strong technical support.


  Provide consultation The sales staff and technical staff of the company introduce the required products, performance and quality to the customers in detail, and provide users with difficult questions and technical consultations about the products for 24 hours.
  Solution Design The technical staff of the company can inspect the site according to customer requirements or equipment use environment, and provide customers with high-quality supporting graphite product solutions.

  The sales department monitors the use of the product at any time, and within one week of the delivery of the goods to the customer's designated location, the sales staff phone inquires about the acceptance status and other requirements. Provide assistance in installation services, introduce usage methods and technical requirements.


Operation training: On-site training for operation and maintenance at steel mills or customer production sites.

Technical support: After we receive the user's technical support request or failure report, we will immediately contact the unit by telephone and guide the user to solve the problem.

Remote network support: Realize online technical support through the company website and email.

On-site service: If engineers need to understand, judge and solve problems on site, our company promises to arrange technicians to rush to the site within 24 hours after receiving the fault.

Regular return visits: After the product enters the operation stage, our company arranges engineers to make regular return visits to monitor the operation status of the product at any time and provide product recycling and reprocessing plans.

Service supervision and management: If the user is not satisfied with the on-site service personnel of our company, they can give feedback to the company, and the company will arrange another technician to go to the site to solve the problem satisfactorily.


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