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1. The graphite electrode should be covered with rainproof tarpaulin during transportation.

2. Be careful when handling and lifting electrodes with forklifts to avoid collisions. Pay attention to balance and alignment for one layer of goods at a time to avoid falling or breaking.

3. Wire rope must be used when loading and unloading by crane, and the steel belt on the electrode cannot be directly lifted.

4. Electrodes should be stored in a clean and dry place. The number of layers should not exceed four. They should be stacked outdoors when it rains and should be covered with rain-proof waterproof cloth.

5. The damp electrode should be dried in a drying oven before use. The temperature should not exceed 150 degrees and the time should not be less than 24 hours.

6. When using electrodes, special tools should be used to cut steel strips, and cranes should not be used to avoid accidents.

7. Before connecting, clean the end surface of the electrode and the connector hole, screw the connector to one end of the electrode, and screw the lifting connector to the other end. Do not put the connector directly on the working electrode on the furnace.

8. It is not allowed to use steel wire balls, metal brushes or emery cloth to clean the electrode threads. If necessary, use compressed air without oil and water.

9. When using the electrode sling for lifting, place a soft pad at the electrode joint to avoid thread damage.

10. Use a lifter with a spiral hook to lift the electrode onto the furnace, align it with the center of the joint hole, move it down slowly, and then use a torque ring to turn it into place.

11. Use a torque wrench and a proper torque to lock the electrodes so that there is no obvious gap between the two electrodes.

12. If the torque of the electrode is too large or too small, it will cause a bad effect. Please apply the correct torque.

13. The electrode holder must be placed between the two white safety wires. The interface between the holder and the electrode must be cleaned regularly to maintain good contact with the electrode. The cooling water jacket of the holder should be tightened to prevent water leakage. .

14. In order to avoid electrode breakage, insulating materials should not be put into the furnace, and the working current of the electrode must meet the current load requirements allowed by the electrode.

15. When loading scrap steel, small pieces of material should be placed on top of large pieces to avoid collapse of the material to break the electrode.


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